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25 Standout Restaurants in Montreal’s Plateau

Be it bibimbap, kafta, or poutine, there’s something for everyone

Montreal’s bohemian ilk have ventured in all directions for ungentrified frontiers, but the Plateau, with its highly-walkable streets and colourful early 20th-century facades, continues to impress — especially in the food department. Sure, the Plateau offers up some of the city’s most iconic foods and restaurants, like poutine, rotisserie chicken, and smoked meat (La Banquise, Romados, Schwartz’s, respectively), plus famed establishments for finer dining (Au Pied de Cochon, L’Express), but there are also ample options for other eats worth trying.

Many diners may be happy to make a choice based on strolls along the Plateau’s main strips such as St. Laurent, Duluth, or Mont-Royal, but it’s worth perusing its side streets for some charming neighbourhood gems.

While the Mile End is officially part of the Plateau, that neighbourhood, with its large number of establishments, is covered on a separate map. For the purpose of this map, the boundaries of the Plateau are defined as such: Sherbrooke to the South, Saint-Urbain to the west, and the train tracks to the north and east.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

1479 Avenue Laurier E, Montréal

QC H2J 1H8, Canada

Stephanie Labelle’s efforts studying pastry in Paris have paid off greatly, garnering major praise from the public and critics alike throughout her decade in business. Along with pastries and desserts like its glorious lemon meringue pie, Rhubarbe offers take-out meals and jarred goods.

4720 Rue Marquette, Montréal

QC H2J 3Y6, Canada

A noted gastropub that favours flavours and ingredients from across Canada, Derek Dammann’s establishment has a deliciously heavyset menu filled with starches, carbs, and proteins. During pandemic restrictions, a limited selection of hearty take-out meals and brunches are available, in addition to wine bottles from the restaurant’s private stock.

1453 Avenue du Mont-Royal E, Montréal

QC H2J 1Z1, Canada

Billed as a neighbourhood bistro, chef Alexandre Gosselin’s French and nouveau cuisine sensibilities in the kitchen have culminated in creative, lavish meals currently enjoyed either hot for pick-up or in a reheatable kit with instructions for preparing it at home. The menu changes weekly, but expect comforting pasta, hearty, burgers or tasty small plates like grilled octopus and spicy Albacore tuna tartare. Thirsty? Chez Victoire is offering wine bottle discounts when accompanied with a meal.

1251 Rue Gilford, Montréal

QC H2J 1R3, Canada

Out of all the BYOBs that Vincent Chatelais and Dominic Laflamme have opened, Le Quartier Général is the star. With a focus on Québécois terroir, the menu is at once stable enough to be reliable while whimsical enough to merit return visits. Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions the only BYOB happening will be the booze you bring from the fridge or cellar to your table at home, but you can accompany your drinks with Le Quartier Général’s extensive list of à la carte and table d’hôte fare. Air-tight packages of foie gras and smoked salmon are also available for takeout.

994 Rue Rachel E, Montréal

QC H2J 2J3, Canada

Tourists flock to Schwartz’s for smoked meat, and 24-hour diner La Banquise has that same sort of magnetism for folks seeking poutine. This restaurant has been pouring gravy over fries and cheese curds since 1968, and has since grown to experiment with don’t-knock-’em-’till-you-try-’em toppings like guacamole or sliced pogos. It’s perhaps not actually Montreal’s best poutine, but it’s iconic enough to belong here. And even with COVID-19 restrictions eliminating indoor dining, La Banquise’s infamous lines are still going strong with takeout orders.

969 Rachel St E, Montreal

QC H2J 2J2, Canada

Picnic crowds wanting to eat in Jeanne-Mance Park for a satiated sunbath head for Romados, but if they’re headed to La Fontaine Park, it’s Ma Poule Mouillée — and some would argue it’s supplanted Romados in the category of best rotisserie. Their chicken poutine, piled high with sliced bird and chorizo, is more than a safe bet and has offered sturdy competition to La Banquise across the street

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CA, 917 Rue Rachel E, Montreal

QC H2J 2J2, Canada

A relative Plateau newcomer, this cozy Korean BYOB has been filling the need for quality Korean food in the neighbourhood since it opened in 2018. Luna’s modern takes on classic dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi and jeyuk are super flavourful and available for takeout and delivery.

330 Rue Marie-Anne, Montréal

QC H2W 1B1, Canada

Offering hearty French fare from the southwest, this cute BYOB restaurant is a popular nook for locals who live a stone’s throw away. Specialties include foie gras au torchon, duck confit, and venison in red wine sauce. Takeout and delivery are available during COVID-19 restrictions.

536 Avenue Duluth E, Montréal

QC H2L 1A9, Canada

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